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YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH SPEAKER WIRE Before you cut your speaker wire, take careful measurements. Then add five to six additional feet to each end. Trust me - you don't want to run that wire only to find out you're a little short. You can always trim excess wire. TUCK WIRES OUT OF SIGHT Those gutters aren't just for draining water. They're also excellent at concealing speaker wire. Clear zip ties are great for keeping the wires alongside or behind downspouts. USE A CONDUIT FOR UNDER- GROUND RUNS If you're installing freestanding "garden" speakers like the Polk system below, look for "burial-rated" speaker wire. But rather than bury it directly, run it through a hard plastic or PVC conduit. This extra protection will guard your wiring against critters, lawn mowers, and garden tools. This Polk outdoor system includes two small satellite speakers and a powered subwoofer. Stake the speakers in your garden bed and rest a potted plant on the sub for sound that blends in. Polk Audio Atrium Garden System #107ATRGSS $599.99 PRO TIP #3 PRO TIP #5 PRO TIP #4 A top-selling outdoor speaker We've sold lots of outdoor speakers to happy customers. These Definitive Technology speakers are among the most popular. Their lively sound and rugged weatherproof design make them a go-to pick. Available in white or black. Definitive Technology AW6500 #735AW6500W $249.50 each Sale $199.50 each Offer valid through 7/4/16 Based on 107 reviews* *Average customer reviews on as of 4/5/16 Eric Angevine is not a professional hand model, but he obviously could be. SAVE $100 PER PAIR Check out more deals on outdoor speakers at 19

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