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Ralph Graves, author of the ebook Bluetooth and Beyond , is glad he no longer has to Rsh drowned speakers out of the pool. Bigger, badder sound The UE MEGABOOM is more than just a bigger UE BOOM 2. It has two beefy 2" drivers and dual 2" x 4" passive radiators that deliver hard-hitting 360 sound. Pair two MEGABOOMs for even bigger sound. This waterproof speaker has a wireless range of up to 100 feet, so feel free to circulate as you stream the party mix. Available in blue (pictured), red, plum, and black. #596UEMGBML $299.99 Get the details at Get wet, go BOOM The rugged UE BOOM 2 can be submerged down to 3 meters for up to 30 minutes. And it can still rock the party afterwards with clean, clear 360 sound. You can pair two to double the volume or for true stereo sound. Available in tropical (pictured), brain freeze, cherry bomb, and phantom. #596UBOOM2T $199.99 Check it out at A Soating sound system The Nyne Aqua looks a bit like an "outrigger" canoe. This design lets it float on the water, keeping its speakers face up so you never miss a note. The Aqua comes with a silicone strap - perfect for hanging in the shower. Available in white/blue (pictured) or gray/blue. #25AQUAWHT $99.99 Sale price $89.99 Offer valid 5/16/16 through 7/31/16. Read our review at Power to spare The rough-and-tumble Braven BRV-PRO features a durable metal casing with rubberized panels. This brawny speaker has a built-in smartphone charger, to keep the party going. Available in silver/cyan/black (pictured) or black/red/black. #832BRVPROS $149.99 More at PRO TIP Rinse your waterproof Bluetooth speaker after exposure to salt water to prevent corrosion. Hang it anywhere The flexible tail of the compact, waterproof BOOM Swimmer Duo lets you easily attach it to a deck rail, shower head, or bike frame. And you can wirelessly pair two Swimmer Duos for stereo sound. Available in black, orange, green/orange, and blue (pictured). #830SMRDUOL $59.99 See it online at See all our waterproof Bluetooth speakers at waterproof Get the inside scoop We try out lots of the gear we sell and get expert training from the folks who make it. See product reviews and videos at

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