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J eep owners are a dierent breed. Weve got a few here at CrutchReld, and theyre always looking for the next great thing. A new sound system here, a few add-ons there pretty soon, theyre driving very dierent vehicles from what was on the lot. Weve also noticed that Jeeps are among the vehicles we get the most customer inquiries about, so weve expanded our Jeep-friendly oerings to help you Rnd the best solution for your needs, from killer Kicker sound systems to lights and other accessories thatll make your Jeep stand out from the pack. Got a Jeep? Find everything that Rts it at BY DOMINIC DEVITO Speakers for rock-solid sound Want to improve your Jeep's sonic performance without going fully custom? Kicker's KS Series full-range and component speakers work in most 2007-up Jeep Wrangler models, thanks to their low-profile woofers. The highly sensitive design of KS speakers conjures hefty volume even from low-powered factory radios - you'll be able to enjoy every bit of their natural sound. Feed them extra power from an external amp, and these speakers can vanquish road and wind noise without even breaking a sweat. KS Series full-range speakers Prices range from $49.99 $149.99 pair KS Series component systems Prices range from $99.99 $229.99 See our full selection of KS speakers at JEEP BETTER SOUND IN YOUR Sub box and amp for thump Space is at a premium in Wranglers, making it tough to add reliable low end. That's why Kicker's paired a 12" CompRT sub with a second 12" passive sub in a thin box. The sealed enclosure measures just 7" deep, so it'll fit snugly behind your seat. The durable carpet covering keeps things safe. If you're adding this sub and four speakers, count on Kicker's 5-channel amp to push 40 watts RMS to each speaker, plus up to 300 watts RMS to the sub. Kicker includes hardware for vertical mounting, so you can place the amp anywhere. 43TCWRT122 12" sub enclosure #206TRT122 $299.99 43CXA600.5 5-channel amp #206CXA6005 $399.99 26 Hablamos espaol: 1-800-955-9039

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