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A factory-system upgrade Kicker's vehicle-specific solution (VSS) systems let you get more out of your newer Wrangler's stock system, so you can enjoy premium sound without swapping out the speakers. The Kicker VSS Powerstage System shown here (#206WPR415, $1249.99) works for 2015-up Wrangler Unlimiteds without an Alpine system. Kicker designed this processor/amp system to connect between your Jeep's stock receiver and speakers with a vehicle-specific wiring harness. The optimized algorithm in the module delivers sound that's custom-tailored for your Jeep's interior. Kicker also includes a custom-fit powered sub that mounts neatly behind your Jeep's rear seat. You'll get hard- hitting bass from the 10" sub with 200 watts driving it. VSS systems for Jeep Prices range from $699.99 - $1249.99 We carry a wide array of VSS systems see if we have the right one for your vehicle at Dominic DeVito writes about car audio/video and GPS when he's not sifting through his 10,000-piece music collection. OutRt your Jeep We can help you find cool, custom gear for your Jeep. Explore more options at Alpine's In-Dash Restyle System with GPS guidance for 2011-up Wranglers boasts a 9" screen and a dash kit that retains your Jeeps factory look and feel. #500X009WRA $2999.99 This Brandmotion tire-mount rear- view camera sees between the spokes of your 1997-up Wranglers spare tire. #212BM8828 $159.99 Make your 2007-up Wrangler the center of attention with this Race Sport Light Bar kit. It comes with a vehicle-specific roof mounting bracket and a one-piece legal compliance bar cover for safety. #966J074WD $699.99 Find what Rts your car We have over 25,000 vehicles in our database, so we can help you Rnd the stereos, speakers, and other products that work with your car. Visit us at 27

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