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What's Hot Now F ew brands stir the souls of audiophiles as much as McIntosh. We're very proud to be the Rrst online dealer for this legendary American company. And we're excited about their newest product, a powered speaker that combines sublime sound quality with wireless streaming. For more McIntosh gear, turn to page 8. EDITOR'S PICK The latest gear, great deals, and fun stu The sound is incredibly smooth, with just the right touch of bass." David, CrutchReld Home A/V editor 1 Classic sound, modern convenience We haven't seen a wireless speaker quite like the new McIntosh RS100. That iconic glowing blue VU meter certainly makes an impression. But it's the sound that has us most excited, thanks to this speaker's outstanding clarity, power, and tonal balance. This powered speaker offers built-in Wi-Fi and DTS Play-Fi , so you can stream music wirelessly from your smartphone. Add a second one for stereo sound. Or pair it with other Play-Fi compatible gear and create a whole-house music system. McIntosh RS100 wireless loudspeaker with DTS Play-Fi #958RS100 $1000 Learn more at 3

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