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There's no shortage of choices to Hold the phone For even more mounting options visit magicMOUNT it Scosches magicMOUNT PRO system uses an innovative cradle-free design. Simply apply the included MagicPlate to your phone, and the mount holds it magnetically. With optional trim rings, you can also match popular smartphone colors. Scosche MPD magicMOUNT PRO magnetic dash mount #142MPD $24.99 Use your cup holder Wherever you have a cup holder, you can use this Bracketron mount. So, go ahead and set up the kids in the back with a movie on their iPad . The gooseneck design helps ensure you can find a position that suits everyone. Bracketron BT16572 PhabGrip cup holder mount #046BT16572 $34.99 No dash is too big If you drive a big truck or RV, you need a mount with reach. This adjustable Panavise phone holder suction-mounts to your windshield and extends up to 18" to rest on your dash, right where you want your phone. Panavise Telescoping PortaGrip phone holder #96515509 $53.99 Any vent will do This Bracketron vent mount fits most horizontal, vertical, and rounded vents, and it magnetically holds almost any smartphone. An adjustable brace adds some extra grip, and a three-point mount holds your cars vent slats without budging. Bracketron BT16362 O2 air vent mount #046BT16362 $34.99 R eality check. How many times a week do you have to reach down to some dark corner of your car because your phone has gone AWOL? If the answer is more than zero, then its time to add a mount to your car. Heres the good news theyre aordable and a snap to install. Whether you use your smartphone for turn-by-turn navigation, hands-free calling, or streaming music, at-a-glance access to your phone is essen tial. With a new mount installed in your car, you'll be able to secure your phone exactly where you need it most. Smart device mounts are durable, well-designed, and best of all, there's a solution for every car interior out there, spacious or compact. If you have a spare cup holder (and most cars do), consider Bracketron's PhabGrip cup holder mount, which easily adjusts to Rt devices big or small. FITS PHONES AND TABLETS 31

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