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CONNECTING IN THE CAR Connection type BeneRt Control Display Sound quality Easy connection Nothing lets you play music from your phone as quickly as using an AUX input. It's a great option for playing audio from a passenger's phone too. With the phone This is an audio-only input, so you'll control your music using the phone. Pro tip: turn the phone's volume up to improve the sound quality. On the phone As with music control, you'll need to rely on your phone's display for any artist, track, and album info (aka metadata) as well as album artwork. Generally good While typically satis - fy ing, results may vary if your phone's digital- to-analog converter (DAC) alters the outgoing audio signal for head phone use. Digital goodness A USB connection allows an optimum exchange of digital information between your phone and car stereo. Plus, you can charge your phone! With the stereo In most cases, you'll be able to control music on your phone from your stereo, and if your devices are compatible, you'll gain control of some apps. On the stereo Typically, you'll see metadata on your car stereo's display, and in the case of video receivers, you'll often get to enjoy album art. The best The direct avenue to your stereo delivers an uncom promised digital signal to your receiver's DAC, which sends superior sound to your speakers. For more info about audio connection quality, visit BY ALEXANDER HRABE I t's a great time to be a music lover. Almost any song you want to hear is just a simple search away on music services like Spotify , Apple Music, and TIDAL. And as often as you're in the car, you're naturally going to want access to all those sweet tunes. But the big question - one we hear daily at CrutchReld - is, "What's the best way to connect my phone to my car stereo?" USING YOUR PHONE AS A MUSIC SOURCE Wireless It's simple. Streaming audio via Bluetooth take wires out of the equation, creating a convenient connection and a cleaner dash. Stereo & phone Usually, a Bluetooth connection gives you play/pause and track-skipping control with the stereo, and enhanced control is on the horizon. On the stereo Depending on the Bluetooth protocols of your phone and car stereo, you should see metadata on your stereo's display and, in some cases, album art. Pretty good Because Bluetooth is a wireless exchange, some digital infor- mation is lost in the transfer, and so you'll hear a slightly com pressed sound. HERE ARE THE 3 BEST WAYS TO CONNECT (AND WHY): AUX input USB input Bluetooth Blu 32 DIY and save! Get deeply discounted installation gear with most stereo orders. See

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