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Alexander Hrabe uses all 3 ways to listen in the car. He streams from his phone via Bluetooth, keeps an old iPod connected via USB, and plays AUX roulette with his other devices. Audio the AUX way This Sony digital media receiver is a powerful 2" tall stereo that gives you 18 watts RMS per channel for nice volume output. It doesn't play CDs, but gives you plenty of source options, including a front-facing USB port and an AUX input. Having both lets you connect a more permanent source like a flash drive to the USB input and then use the AUX input to plug in almost any audio source on the fly. That's the beauty of the AUX input - it accepts an audio signal without any compatibility issues. Just plug in a music player and you'll hear full-frequency audio. Sony DSX-A40UI digital media receiver #158DSXA40U $74.99 Price Break $64.99 Connect your phone to this Sony stereo with this 3-foot, durable mini stereo cable from Scosche. It features a 3.5mm miniplug for quick compatibility with an AUX input. Scosche 3' stereo cable #142i335 $9.99 Bluetooth freedom Bluetooth is fantastically convenient for streaming audio, and this Clarion CD receiver offers a nice bonus by giving you the best possible sound thanks to aptX technology. When you're using an aptX compatible Android phone or playing AAC files on newer iPhones, your music will sound clearer thanks to less compression and a higher bitrate during transmission to the stereo. Clarion CX505 CD receiver #020CX505 $199.99 Price Break $149.99 The power of USB If sound quality is a priority, this JVC CD receiver is a great choice. A USB connection with your phone ensures uncompromised delivery of your music, and JVC's K2 digital signal processing technology restores lush, natural sound to compressed audio files. Connect via USB to charge your phone as you listen. With iPhones and select Android devices, you'll be able to navigate your music library from the stereo, plus you'll get advanced Pandora and iHeartRadio features. JVC Arsenal KD-R875BTS CD receiver #105KDR875B $119.99 Plug in with a Scosche 10" tangle-proof USB cable. When its LED indicator is red, your device is still charging. Blue means you're good to go. Scosche 10" Lightning cable #142i3FNLED $14.95 Scosche 10" micro USB cable #142EZFLN $9.95 SAVE $50 SAVE $10 33

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