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Chart of the relative output power of the units tested. 116 dB 113 dB 110 dB receiver Power Pack output power level amplifier By Buck Pomeran tz Showing how more power sounds be tter ---------------------- Old scho l meter ( stil accurate!) We constantly tell our customers that having more amplifier power makes music sound better. Well, I decided it was time to demonstrate what we mean. For the project, I chose three kinds of amps - an in-dash receiver, a super-compact Power Pack, and a full-size car amp. First, I performed a subjective listening test. Then, I used a sound pressure level (SPL) meter to object ively measure the loudness of each one. I used all Alpine gear to ensure apples-to-apples comparisons. The subjective musical results What each increase of amplification did for music, in terms of both loudness and sound quality at all volumes, was incredible. The receiver alone, although playing very cleanly, wasn't very loud and sounded thin. Adding Alpine's Power Pack made it sound fuller - the highs and lows stood out and grabbed me. With the "big" amp, the sound was stunning - I could feel the impact of the drums. This was the best sound by far. 36 Free lifetime tech support on everything you buy from us. See

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