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BY JOSHUA CRANE AND BUCK POMERANTZ G reat bass performance isn't all about shaking your walls or car windows. It's about experiencing your favorite music the way the artist intended. That means hearing and feeling the important low-frequency detail that's often missing with full-range speakers. Whether you're enjoying your music at home or on your daily commute, adding a subwoofer to your system will bring out the bass performance you'd otherwise miss. This generalized diagram shows a typical system response with and without a subwoofer. Red : Example of a perfectly Sat frequency response of a system that includes a subwoofer. Blue : Response of the system without a subwoofer. Gray area : Audio content supplied by the sub. Don't forget the FREQUENCY LOUDNESS Why you need a subwoofer Subwoofers are for all music lovers, not just for pop and hip-hop, because bass is fun no matter what the genre. We love the triumphant roar of timpani in a symphony orchestra, as well as the deep twangy bass coming out of country music these days. And everybody knows it's the kick drum that gets people up dancing to rock. Only the overtones of a bass drum's sound and none of its fundamental notes can be reproduced without a subwoofer - you can't truly feel the beat without a sub. Some of the musical sounds you'll miss without a subwoofer include: PIANO: About 20% of its notes - most of the left-hand boogie-woogie rhythms - need a subwoofer to survive. This applies to most keyboards and especially to the synthesizers used in a lot of EDM (electronic dance music). BASS GUITAR: The mellow tones that tug at our hearts are greatly diminished without a sub, leaving the music sounding soulless and hollow. BASS DRUM: The beat of the music gets our attention and gets us dancing. Without it, we're left halfheartedly tapping our feet. bass bass ba bas ass ss MUSIC THAT'S MISSING WITHOUT A SUBWOOFER 38 Free shipping on everything in this catalog.

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