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Josh and Buck are both CrutchReld veterans and lifelong music fans who have been known to get up and dance when the bass gets thumping. We're not just talking about bassheads rattling your ears at stoplights. A sub reinforces the foundation of your music while overcoming rumbling road noise at all volume levels - soft as well as loud. A wide and sometimes confusing variety of sizes, configurations, and shapes of subs are available for mobile applications - which is actually helpful because of the variety of vehicles people own. There's a sub for every car. Ported or sealed? We can help you decide Every car sub needs an enclosure. As you're looking around, you'll notice there are two main types - sealed and ported. Generally, a ported enclosure naturally plays with punch, plus extra reverberance at very low frequencies, while a sealed box tends to produce tight-sounding bass with a smooth frequency response. Ported enclosures are usually much larger than comparable sealed enclosures, so space is a factor when deciding on an enclosure for your car. You'll also need an amp to power your car sub. We've made shopping easier by assembling packages made up of subs, amps, and enclosures matched for size, power, and performance. This saves you the headache and confu sion of having to choose from the hundreds of components and config urations available. The package listed below is a great example of what we offer. Adding a subwoofer to your home system not only fills in the missing bass, but it also improves your system's overall perfor- mance. Because the sub's built-in amp is dedicated solely to low-frequency reproduction, you're adding more power to your entire system for greater headroom. You'll get crisper bass at lower listening levels, and room-filling punch as you turn up the volume. Take the room out of the equation You may have an excellent pair of speakers set up perfectly to deliver a strong stereo image to your favorite comfy chair. But the bass might sound much better when you stand in the corner. That's because room reflections can cause bass waves to cancel each other out in some spots - even your sweet spot. A subwoofer gives you the freedom to put that bass right where you need it. It's a great way to ensure you get the bass response in your prime seating location. If you want big bass performance from a sub that won't take up much space, check out the Sumiko S.0 shown here. We heard it in an acoustically challenging room and were impressed with its tight, powerful performance. See our full selection of powered subwoofers for your home at Sumiko S.0b Taking up less than 1 cubic foot of floor space, this compact workhorse pairs a robust 120-watt amplifier with a high-performance 6.5" woofer. #782S0B $499.99 Big savings on MTX bass packages When you buy two MTX subs and an MTX amp, you'll get the sealed or ported enclosure you need free. MTX 35 Series 10" subwoofer #236351004 $89.99 each MTX THUNDER500.1 amplifier #236THND5K1 $179.99 Sound Ordnance Bass Bunker enclosure Sealed or ported $79.99 FREE Total package price $359.97 See all our MTX gear at Better bass on the road Better bass at home Check out our full selection of bass packages at GET A FREE SUB ENCLOSURE CrutchReld Rewards You'll earn points on every order you place with us. You can use those points to save money on future purchases. Learn more at

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