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"I love Marshall guitar amps, so this speaker caught my eye immediately." - Mike C., Director, CrutchReld Creative Dept. What's Hot Now 2 1 3 SAVE $20 1 The guitar-lover's portable speaker We have LOTS of guitar players at Crutchfield HQ. All of them oohed and ahhed when they caught sight of the Marshall Stockwell portable Bluetooth speaker. From the classic volume and tone knobs to the velvet-lined case, this speaker will impress. And that's before you ever pair your smartphone and hear this compact speaker crank out sound that's rich and bold as a Hendrix solo. Marshall Stockwell portable Bluetooth speaker with case #972STKWELL $249.99 Learn more at 2 Expertly crafted audiophile sound Haven't heard of Sonus faber speakers? This Italian company has a sterling reputation for exquisite sound and build quality. Their Chameleon B speakers offer lush sound at a very competitive price. The unique angled design ensures accuracy and precise stereo imaging. Choose your side panels from a six- color assortment. Turn to page 12 to learn more about Sonus faber. Sonus faber Chameleon B bookshelf speakers #968CMB $899.99 pair Get the details at 3 Long-range wireless headphones for TV Not everyone wants to hear what you're watching on TV - and they won't know what they're missing when you use the Sennheiser RS 135-9 wireless headphones. Connect them to your TV or home theater receiver. Then sit back and enjoy crystal-clear soundtracks and dialogue. In fact, sit WAYYY back - they have a range of up to 328 feet. Your sleeping spouse or housemate will thank you in the morning. Sennheiser RS 135-9 wireless headphones #143RS1359 $129.99 Sale 109.99 Sale price valid through 6/11/16 See more Sennheiser RS headphone deals at 4 Call us for one-on-one help 1-800-555-8346

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