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Copyright 2010 Crutchfield Corporation R 019 0141 Rear Door Speakers -- Super Crew (continued) 12 Check that wires do not interfere with window operation. Test door lock and release operation. SAFETY CHECK 6. Lift door panel to clear eight (8) "legs". Disconnect wiring harnesses and door release cable to remove panel (Figure 6). 7. Remove four (4) 5.5mm screws securing speaker. Pull out speaker, disconnect and remove (Figures 7 & 8). 8. Make speaker wiring connections following instructions on page 15. Return to this page to complete installation. 9. Secure new speaker with screws previously removed. 10. Test speaker operation and reinstall door panel by reversing removal steps. FIGURE 6 FIGURE 7 FIGURE 8 Standard Speaker Sony-Equipped Speaker 019 0141 Rear Door Speakers -- Super Crew (continued) 019 0141 Factory Radio Removal (continued) 8. Pry out receiver faceplate or trimpanel to release six (6) clips. Disconnect wiring harnesses and remove faceplate or panel (Figure 5). 9a. Integrated Radio: Remove four (4) 7mm screws securing radio/chassis to dash. Disconnect wiring harnesses and antenna. Remove radio/ chassis (Figure 6). 9b. Non-Integrated Radio: Remove four (4) 7mm screws securing radio. Disconnect wiring harnesses and remove radio (Figure 7). Copyright 2010 Crutchfield Corporation R FIGURE 5 FIGURE 6 FIGURE 7 Receiver Faceplate Integrated Radio Non Integrated Radio 3 With our car stereo installation instructions you can be a Do-it-yourself superstar A t CrutchReld, we know how much you can save when you install a new car stereo yourself - and how satisfying it is to do it. That's why we've created installation guides, like our MasterSheet instruc- tions, for thousands of speciRc vehicles, and why we give 'em away with most receiver and speaker orders. Step-by-step guidance Hundreds of thousands of customers have taken advantage of the tool lists, diagrams, photos, and step-by-step guidance in our installation instructions. We've built them using photos and measure ments taken by our very own research team. If we have a set for your car, we'll email you its PDF free when you buy a stereo or speakers. Not sure if DIY is for you? Try this - go online to and buy the instructions for your vehicle for just $10. Look them over; if you decide that yeah, you can do it, just buy the stereo you're interested in within 60 days, and we'll apply the ten bucks to your order. Crutchfield custom installation instructions #264MASTER $9.99 Free with most receiver and speaker orders Look inside the MasterSheet at 019 0141 2-3 Factory Radio Removal 4 OEM Integration 5 Receiver Installation 6-7 Front Pillar Tweeters 8 Center Dash Speaker 9-10 Front Door Speakers 11-12 Rear Door Speakers (Super Crew) 13-14 Rear Door Speakers (Super Cab) 15 Wire Splicing Guide Inside... 019 0141 Revision 04/05/11 Page Phillips Screwdriver Small Flat Blade Screwdriver Panel Tool *0000190141* 2009- Ford F150 Socket Ratchet & Extension IMPORTANT Although reasonable attempts are made to verify the accuracy of the information contained in this MasterSheet, it is presented without warranties or guarantees of any type due to the constantly changing nature of this type of information and running changes in vehicle production. Any person or entity using this information does so at his or its own risk. If you find our instructions are different from your vehicle, or if you have questions, do not continue with your installation. Contact our toll-free technical support for assistance. Copyright 2011 Crutchfield Corporation R Tools Required D Before starting, compare items on your invoice with items received. Carefully check through packaging material. If any item is missing, please call Crutchfield Technical Support . Note : At this time, no aftermarket antenna is available from Crutchfield. A replacement antenna may be purchased from a local dealership. MasterSheet Complete Car Audio Installation Instructions * If you need additional wiring information, visit us online at Torx Driver T20 T50 Crimp Tool & Crimp Caps D 5.5 mm 7 mm 6 mm 1/4" 10 mm 8 mm D D D D D D Knowing which tools you need in advance and being able to lay them out before you begin saves you a ton of time. Each set of instructions includes this helpful info. If we have a set of our exclusive MasterSheet instructions for your car, you'll get a mix of written steps, photos, and diagrams to walk you through the process, showing you the locations of bolts, screws, and fasteners. "Crutchfield MasterSheets are the best investment if you are planning to update your equipment.... From speakers to radios, it shows you the best and fastest way to go." - Jerome, Crutchfield customer, Crown Point, IN Spotlight: Our exclusive car stereo installation instructions 41

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