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Digital speakers? Really? Okay, what's the trick? At first we were skeptical, given everything we know about sound reproduction. With a traditional system, digital-to- analog conversion turns digital signal from sources such as MP3 files into an analog signal that's boosted by an amplifier until it's powerful enough that it can drive a speaker. The Clarion Full Digital Sound system works like this: a receiver with an optical digital output sends digital signal to the Clarion Z3 processor. The processor then sends both the unconverted digital signal and electrical current to Clarion's special Full Digital Sound speakers. An LSI (Large Scale Integration) chip on each speaker uses the digital signal to modulate the 12-volt power supply voltage, which drives the speakers - adding the music and power together. What you'll need Z3 Full Digital Sound processor and tweeters The heart of Clarion's Full Digital Sound system is the Z3 processor. This small, hand-size module combines the digital audio signal from the receiver (or other digital source) with an electrical current which can be converted to sonic output by the LSI chips on the speakers. The package includes a Commander wired remote controller and two 1" soft dome tweeters, plus power and input wiring. Clarion Z3 #020Z3 $999.99 Z7 Full Digital speakers The 6" Z7 speakers feature Clarion's special LSI chip on their baskets, and a 6-voice-coil array. Digital information and DC voltage are sent to the chip via the wiring that's included with the speakers. Clarion Z7 #020Z7 $799.99 pair Z25W Full Digital subwoofer The Z25W 10" subwoofer also has an LSI chip onboard, but it requires more power to drive bass, so there are extra power and ground connections for the sub. Clarion Z25W #020Z25W $749.99 NX706 navigation receiver We used Clarion's NX706 navigation receiver for our setup to take advantage of its optical digital output, so all our music would remain in digital form from the source to the processor. Clarion NX706 #020NX706 $999.99 1011001010110110001010110010101101100010 CLARION +12 VOLTS DC DIGITAL AUDIO SIGNAL -GROUND Learn more at In effect, DC voltage travels with the digital information along the same wires. The digital signal is combined directly with the voltage by the LSI chip. Six voice coils on each speaker pool their separate driving energies together, efficiently transforming the electrical signals into the mechanical motions that produce sound. Consequently, the system draws very little current, which makes it ideal for vehicles, such as hybrids, without a lot of extra power for a big sound system. Sounds good, too All this cutting edge technology wouldn't be worth it if it didn't sound good, right? Well, it sounds great. And loud enough for our tastes. In addition to the fine way the system plays music straight out of the box, you can use Clarion's Z-tune digital tuning app to customize the sound, via smart- phone or tablet, to perfectly fit your car and musical preferences. 1 2 3 Free tech support for life Need help with your gear? You can call us for guidance - whether it's the day you receive your order or 10 years later. See

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