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I t's Friday afternoon, and you're at work Rnishing up an important project. Suddenly, your phone buzzes - your parents arrived for their weekend visit two hours early. But instead of rushing across town to let them in (or telling them to hang out on your stoop), you can relax. Your smart products from August and Nest are going to take care of everything. These four steps will show you how it all works. Of course, this is just one scenario. There are many more possibilities - from letting in the dog walker to making sure that important delivery gets left inside the door. SMARTER HOME WELCOME GUESTS WITH A Send a virtual key Give your parents secure digital access to your home right from your phone. Create an entry code using the free August app to transform their iPhone into a Bluetooth key for your front door. Open sesame As they walk up the stairs - arms laden with luggage and presents for the grandkids - the magic happens. Using Bluetooth Low Energy, the August Smart Lock detects their phone and unlocks for them. They won't have to search for a key, and you won't need to keep one hidden under the doormat. The Smart Lock installs on the interior side of your door, and retains your exterior hardware. You can still use your existing house key anytime you like, and there's no indication from the outside that anything has been changed. 1 2 BY JOSHUA CRANE 44 Get advice from one of our experts 1-800-555-8346

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