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Product Spotlight: JL Audio FiX and TwK J ust about everyone wants to improve the audio quality in their cars. But when vehicle functions are incorporated into a factory radios controls, its virtually impossible to upgrade to a better stereo. The best option is to add an amp and speakers to your factory stereo, but many manufacturers apply unusual EQ curves and time align- ments that work well with cheap factory speakers, but prevent aftermarket gear from sounding its best. Luckily, JL Audio oers solutions that work independently or together to help you get the full beneRt of your aftermarket gear. Fix and tweak factory sound to high-Rdelity with Start o with a clean slate The FiX 82 OEM Integration Processor removes factory equalization, crossover filtering, and time alignment, providing a completely flat and focused audio signal to your outboard amplifiers. Just pop the calibration CD into your stereo, hit play, push the calibration button, and all the processing is done in about 30 seconds. The 24-bit, 48 kHz digital processor ensures you get clean, low-noise signal handling and output. The digital output lets it work with perfectly with the Twk D8. JL Audio FiX 82 (2-output version) #13698100 $299.99 JL Audio FiX 86 (6-output version) #13698103 $349.99 Tune your system using a laptop app The TwK D8 System Tuning Processor uses an optical digital input, maintaining the pristine fidelity of your source, and lets you sculpt the sound to perfection. Tuning features include a 10-band EQ, variable high- and low-pass filters, and time delay/alignment on every channel. You can choose between Basic, Advanced, and Expert levels of tuning complexity, so you'll get fantastic sound no matter how much experience you've had tuning an audio system. JL Audio TwK D8 (digital-input version) #13698102 $339.99 JL Audio TwK 88 (analog-input version) #13698101 $399.99 Youll want the remote control The DRC-100 Digital Remote Controller is necessary in order for you to take full advantage of all the tuning power of the FiX and TwK processing, like maintaining the EQ and delay settings at all volume levels. JL Audio DRC-100 #13698125 $49.99 JL Audio DRC-200 (for the FiX 86) #13698126 $69.99 For more details about these and other digital signal processors visit JL Audios TN app for the TwK processor running on your laptop gives you detailed control of almost every audio parameter to achieve fantastic musical fidelity. digital sound processing 47

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