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CROSSOVER INSTALLATION IN ACTION The woofer crossovers were sealed away, but we made sure that the tweeter crossovers were still accessible in case we needed to adjust the tweeter level or crossover point. With the tweeters in place, we chose locations for the Rrst set of crossovers - under the dash. Then, we wired them. Using adhesive-backed Velcro from our local hardware store, we secured the tweeter crossovers in place. Preparation goes a long way Most component systems include external crossover systems that need to be stashed somewhere (anywhere) out of sight. This Focal set actually features two pairs of crossovers - one for the tweeters and one for the woofers. Lucky for us, the Explorer was spacious, and we'd come prepared. Start We found it easiest to wire the woofers to their crossovers before placing them in the doors. There was plenty of room for the woofer crossovers inside the door behind the factory woofer locations. Depending on the design of your vehicle, you'll take your pick of one of the four locations above. To keep the details of the high range crisp and powerful, your tweeters need to be in front of you and as close to your ears as possible without being too far from the woofers. Many newer vehicles offer the benefit of factory tweeter locations, but if yours doesn't have them, you'll have to get creative when it comes to mounting. With that in mind, most aftermarket component sets supply solutions for flush mounting and surface mounting. Flush mounting takes a bit more work, but has the benefit of a more factory look. Surface mounting is a bit more noticeable, but it's less invasive. We considered both in our recent component installation.... TWEETER INSTALLATION IN ACTION With the A-pillar panel back in place, we were able to appreciate our handiwork. The new tweeter location was unobtrusive and, thanks to Focal's mounting gear, the tweeters Rre directly at the listener - an ideal installation. Like many manu- facturers, Focal provides a variety of tweeter mounting hardware. Initially, we'd hoped to Sush-mount the tweeters for a streamlined look. We'd planned on installing the tweeters in the sail panels, but after removing the door panels, we discovered that depth was a problem. We found a prime spot for surface mounting at the base of the Explorer's A-pillar panel. Thankfully, it was removable, and we did a bit of drilling to prep it. We secured Focal's bullet-shaped, angled surface mounting gear to the panel and fed speaker wire through the freshly drilled hole. Every installation is unique To demonstrate what typically goes into a component installation, we installed the Focal PS 130 V component set in a 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. Every installation poses different challenges, so your best bet is to be over-prepared. Where do tweeters go? Start Full installation Components crave power, so we installed an amp to drive them. Plus, we threw in a sub to round out the installation. We invite you to read about the whole project at Door Sail panel A-pillar Dash Find the gear that Rts your car We have over 25,000 vehicles in our database, so we can help you Rnd the speakers and other products that work with your car. Get started at 49

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