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Our kind of reality TV BY STEVE KINDIG E ver notice how everything on TV looks muted and Sat compared to the real world? It's because your TV's brightness and color capabilities are still limited by standards created for tube TVs. But that's about to change. HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology allows the latest 4K Ultra HD TVs to create intensely realistic images. HDR pumps up the picture contrast Thanks to 4K, we're seeing sharper TV images than ever before. But most experts will tell you that contrast is an equally (if not more) important aspect of picture quality. A TV's contrast range is the difference between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks it can show. TVs with HDR can get darker, and much brighter, than regular TVs. In a side-by-side comparison, the difference is night-and-day. HDR gives colors serious pop, too Did you know that the color range used in most current TVs dates back to the introduction of HDTV, and only renders about 35% of the colors our eyes can actually see? The HDR TVs shown here not only provide a much wider color range, they also deliver higher peak brightness, so that colors pop in a way you've never seen. Colors are deeper, truer, and more accurate than ever before. Sony's take on HDR The HDR-equipped Ultra HD X930D series features Sony's new Slim Backlight Drive. It uses a grid system to deliver more precisely localized lighting than previous edge-lit LED designs. That means more contrast and more vivid colors. Another cool feature of these TVs? Sony's new Ultra movie download service, which specializes in 4K movies, many with HDR. All of Sony's 2016 4K TVs come ready to access this exciting video service. 55" Sony XBR-55X930D #15855X930D $2299.99 65" Sony XBR-65X930D #15865X930D $3499.99 Check them out online at WHY HDR IS THE NEXT BIG THING IN TVS The Sony XBR-55X930D Ultra HD TV with HDR 50 Need a hand deciding? 1-800-555-8346

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