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3 2 1 Make drive time sound sublime How do you make all that time you spend in the car better? Easy: with the big, bold, balanced sound you'll get when you install JBL Stage speakers in your ride. Suddenly, those dreary commutes will become great opportunities for some deep listening, thanks to the punchy low end delivered by the woofers, and the clean, clear, smooth highs of the balanced dome tweeters. JBL Stage car speakers Prices range from $59.99 - $69.99 pair Price break $39.99 - $47.99 pair Get the scoop at 2 A great stereo to pair with your phone Phones are the primary source of entertain- ment for most people. So it's essential to have a car stereo that plays well with them - and the Sony MEX-N5100BT most certainly does. First off, it lets you use Sony's SongPal app for in-depth sound adjustments, music app selection from the stereo, and even control over the stereo from your phone. If your phone is NFC-compatible (and many Android models are), you'll be able to pair with just a quick touch. And you get reliable Bluetooth for streaming and hands-free calling. Sony MEX-N5100BT CD receiver #158N5100BT $119.99 Price break $99.99 Learn more at 3 Win the Rght against road noise Find yourself often cranking the stereo to hear it over the noise of the road? Well, here's an effective weapon in this fight: lining the inside of your doors with Dynamat. It significantly reduces the amount of noise that gets into your vehicle. When you're playing the radio, it's like you've increased the amount of power in your sound system. And when the radio's off, you get a much quieter ride. Win-win. Dynamat Xtreme door kit #15410435 $99.99 See more at 4 A smarter dash cam Dash cams have come a long way. Take the Garmin Dash Cam 55. Not only does it record incidents, it'll let you know if you're approaching a vehicle too quickly, drifting out of your lane, or are still stopped at a light when traffic around you has begun moving. It's the perfect dash-mounted assistant. Garmin Dash Cam 55 #150DCAM55 $199.99 Find full details at This is What's Hot 4 1 SAVE $20 SAVE UP TO $22 4 Get advice from one of our experts 1-800-555-8346

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