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"The DDX394 sounds fantastic and has SO many features." - Butch, CrutchReld customer from Richmond, VA 7 5 One sweet in-dash entertainment combo Here's one way to have it all: the Kenwood Excelon DDX394-SAT receiver package comes with a SiriusXM satellite radio tuner. So you get a sweet touchscreen, advanced tone controls, great smartphone interaction, AND all the great programming a subscription to SiriusXM provides. With satellite radio, you can rewind, pause, set custom alerts, and even start songs from the beginning on your favorite channels. Kenwood Excelon DDX394-SAT DVD receiver with free SiriusXM tuner #113DDX394S $319.99 Learn about it at 6 Power is king When you're looking to improve the sound in your ride, there's nothing like the infusion of pure power. And Memphis Audio Street Reference amps deliver with aplomb. They're designed to make your speakers and subs sing with steady, clean power that'll help elevate your sound. They come in a variety of channel configurations, and feature filters that send the right frequencies to the right drivers for optimum performance, plus speaker-level inputs that let you hook up to a factory stereo. Memphis Audio Street Reference amplifiers Prices range from $169.99 - $349.99 Get the details: 7 Striking bass The name Blaupunkt translates to "blue dot." So of course Blaupunkt subs feature striking blue cones - they're a great way to add some distinctive style to your audio setup. These 12" powerhouses will also handle plenty of power (up to 264 watts RMS), and play efficiently, so you'll get plenty of boom for your buck. And the included sleek grille will keep the sub safe from shifting cargo. Blaupunkt GT Power 12" 4-ohm subwoofer #023GTPWR12 $44.99 See more at 6 5

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