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JL Audio W3v3 subs play remarkably smooth and powerful bass. The exclusive cooling design keeps heat low for extended performance life. Prices range from $159.99 $339.99 each Get exquisite, balanced sound with JL Audio Evolution TR Series component speakers . Rugged woofers handle the lows and midrange, while textile tweeters play sweet, clean highs. With 6" woofers #136TR650CS $189.99 per system No room for separate tweeters? JL Audio Evolution TR Series full-range speakers fea- ture woofers and tweeters mounted together. Prices range from $69.99 $189.99 pair Just looking for some midrange reinforcement to fill out your sound? JL Audio 6" component woofers will do the trick. Each one plays solid low notes while handling subtle details easily. #136C5650CW $159.99 each HEAR EVERY LAST NOTE Left: JL Audio 10" W3v3 subwoofer, $259.99 30 Hz I magine playing your music with the left speaker unplugged. You'd lose tons of detail, right? Well, you could be losing a similar level of detail if your car speaker setup can't play the full range of your music's frequencies. Make sure you can hear every last note with a full suite of components. Subwoofer A sub establishes the foundation between 20 and 150 Hz. Good reproduction of electronic bass, bass guitar, cello, bass drum, and low piano keys helps your music sound dimensional. Install your gear yourself and save. See how we help at crutchfield.com/carDIY 10

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