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JL Audio Evolution TR Series component system with 6" woofers and " tweeter, $189.99 Scan this code with your smartphone's code reader app to learn more about these JL Audio speakers and subs. Or go to crutchfield.com/JLstuff 4K Hz 800 Hz Woofer or midrange Most musical magic happens here, in the 150-4,000 Hz range. Guitar, human voice, piano, brass, woodwinds a good midrange will play all the fine details. Tweeter From around 2,000 Hz and up is the icing on the cake, where tweeters play notes from cymbals, upper ranges of instruments like the violin, and even the highest vocals. Find what fits your car With over 25,000 vehicles in our database, we'll help you find the stereos and other products that work in your car. See crutchfield.com/whatfits

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