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CREATE YOUR DREAM DASH Touchscreens for the high-tech devotee Maybe you want to dazzle your passengers. Well, that's what a DVD receiver in your dash can do for you. Choosing sources and pulling up tracks with a high-tech touchscreen menu looks cool, while at-a-glance song info, album art, and control over phone apps make each ride more fun. For the stealthy among you, tall CD receivers blend in Or maybe you just want to take people by surprise. Tall CD receivers often blend right in with your car's factory style while delivering mod cons like Bluetooth , USB connectivity, and dramatically better sound. They'll never see it coming... but they'll hear it. A dash that'll accept a 4" tall stereo provides lots of space to play with. The question, then, is how would you use it? Here are a couple of our favorite upgrade options. USE THIS REAL ESTATE! We tried out both of the receivers on the next page in a 2012 Subaru with the help of the cool mounting kit you see in the dash above. See them both at crutchfield.com/SubaruStereos See all of our 4" tall stereos at crutchfield.com/tall Find the stereos that fit in your dash at crutchfield.com/whatfits 12

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