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S ure, fall is here and delightful. Sweater weather always is. But parka season will soon be upon us, and you know what that means: icy mornings, blowing snow, and freezing as you drive to work. Well, with remote start, you can at least avoid that last one. A toasty car makes all the difference Installing a remote start system now, while the weather's holding up, will make the onset of winter so much easier to take. Being able to start your car without leaving the house means less time standing in the cold - brushing snow offthe car and scraping the wind shield are much easier when both have had time to warm up. And hey, who wouldn't prefer hopping into a warm car over steering with mittens on? Fortin takes the guesswork out of remote start Once upon a time, installing a remote start system meant lots of identifying and splicing wires. EVO-Series systems from Fortin, however, make the process easier by including T-harnesses that connect the remote start module to specific vehicles. While not entirely plug-and-play, the harness connections cut down installation time considerably. Once connected, the Fortin system works with your vehicle's own remote key. You simply press the lock button three times, and vroom! - you've started your car. Prices range from $119.95 $149.95 Find the system for your car at crutchfield.com/fortin A Fortin T-harness lets you plug right into your factory wiring harness to take the headaches out of installing a remote start system. T-HARNESSES HELP WITH INSTALLATION Extend your range with a Fortin remote A Fortin remote gives you a 1,500-foot range. The 1-button remotes will only start your car; the 5-button remotes will lock and unlock the doors, pop the trunk, and more. 1-button #041REVO11 $89.99 5-button #041REVO41 $99.99 See them at crutchfield.com/FortinRemote Free tech support for life Need help with your gear? You can call us for guidance - whether it's the day you receive your order or 10 years later. See crutchfield.com/tech

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