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Youre looking at the future of TV OLED - pronounced "oh-led" - stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode. It's not a variation of the typical LCD TV screen, but a fundamentally different technology. OLED is unique in its ability to produce perfectly pure blacks, which also enable stunning picture contrast and colors that explode offthe screen. What's OLED's big secret? Read on. For a detailed comparison of OLED and LCD visit crutchfield.com/OLEDvsLCD LG EG9600 curved-screen OLED 4K Ultra HD TVs 65" #68965E9600 $4999.99 55" #68955E9600 $2999.99 Get the full scoop on these OLED TVs at crutchfield.com/eg9600 The best backlight is no backlight An LCD TV has a backlight constantly shining through a liquid crystal panel to create the picture. OLED doesn't need a backlight because each individual sub-pixel creates its own illumination, and can turn completely offif necessary to produce absolute black. That level of precision has never been possible before. OLED screens provide another big benefit: they maintain their superb color and contrast even for viewers who are sitting offto the sides. And that's great because when you have a picture this awesome, you'll want to share it with as many people as possible. Free, fast shipping You get free shipping on everything in this catalog. And most orders leave our warehouse the same day. See crutchfield.com/shipping

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