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Vee-dub delight If you own a select 05-up Volkswagen and need a new stereo, the Blaupunkt Philadelphia 845 navigation receiver might just be for you. We recently dropped one in a 2010 Jetta and were blown away by the results. Its wiring harness plugs right into your VWs, and you dont need any sort of mounting kit. The design matches the VW aesthetic perfectly, making it look like a factory deck. And its packed with high-performance features. #023BPPH845 $899.99 Check out the story at crutchfield.com/blau-vw Big power, little box We love 5-channel amplifiers like the latest Alpine V-Power model you see here. With just this one box, you can infuse your entire system with lots of clean power 40 watts RMS for your front and rear speakers, plus up to another 250 watts for your subwoofer. At just under 3" tall, and with a footprint smaller than a letter-sized sheet of paper, itll fit in more cars, even if space is tight. #500MRVV500 $349.99 Get the scoop at crutchfield.com/avp Three essential tools in one mirror This Rydeen replacement mirror is a classic triple threat: it features a 3" monitor that works with just about any rear-view camera, a built-in nav system, and Bluetooth for hands-free calling. Most impressive. #989MN312R $399.99 Check it out at crutchfield.com/rymir New & Improve your factory stereo's sound Many of our customers these days opt to keep their factory stereos, but still want better sound. Connecting external amps is a good approach -aslong as you're not amplifying any inherent flaws. Thats where the AudioControl LC6i line output converter comes in. It takes speaker-level signals, turns them into the full-range, preamp-level signals your amps prefer, and lets you easily level-match each channel for outstanding sonic performance. #161LC6iG $149.99 Learn more at crutchfield.com/lc6i Notable 2 Get advice from one of our experts 1-800-555-9507

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