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I t's dark. Behind you a creaky door opens. You hear approaching footsteps and brace yourself for whatever terror is about to engulf your senses. Yep, surround sound can be awfully realistic - especially with a great home theater receiver. More power, features, and speaker outputs mean more chills and thrills in your movie night. Dolby Atmos takes everything up a notch Whether you're watching a Blu-ray disc, a movie on cable, or a streaming selection from Netflix , receivers like the Denon model shown here bring the soundtrack to life all around you - even above you. With Dolby Atmos capability, you can use in-ceiling or Atmos enabled speakers to add sound above your seating position. We've heard it in action and love how it drastically expands the soundfield. And overhead effects add more realism - from buzzing helicopters in action movies to creepy upstairs footsteps in a horror flick. Future-proof your home theater Why upgrade your receiver now? Because the latest receivers are equipped to handle new and future technology, as well as expansion of your system. In addition to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X (with an upcoming firmware update), this Denon receiver is fully optimized for 4K Ultra HD TVs. It also supports high-resolution formats for music. Plus, with connections for seven speakers and two powered subwoofers, it's ready when you are for a seriously kickin' system. Looking for speakers? Turn the page to read about the latest from Klipsch. IT'S ALIVE! Get more immersed in movies and TV Learn more about the Denon AVR-X3200W and Dolby Atmos at crutchfield.com/x3200 20 Chat live with one of our experts crutchfield.com/chat

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