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I t's rare when a company tinkers with success. So we were surprised when Klipsch showed us their new Reference Premiere speakers. They feature some changes that raised eyebrows around here. But once we listened to them, they raised more than a few smiles. Here's what we heard. Warmer sound Klipsch's signature Tractrix horns are legendary for sound that's clean and clear. In the new Reference Premiere line, those horns are made of silicone instead of plastic. This softer material dampens resonance, for sound that's warmer and more lush than ever. You also get wider sound dispersion for a bigger sweet spot in your room. Better bass response Getting good bass out of a bookshelf speaker can be a challenge. But Klipsch found a way using the same horn approach they use with the front tweeter. They applied a tapered horn design to the rear bass ports. This allows a quicker, more efficient transfer of air out of the cabinet. That means you get deeper, tighter bass response - out of all the Reference Premiere bookshelf and floor-standing speakers. Even better KLIPSCH REFINES THEIR SOUND Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-150M bookshelf speakers These attractive veneer-finished speakers each feature a 5" woofer and a horn-loaded 1" tweeter. They're also highly efficient, so you won't need a powerful amp to enjoy clear, warm sound at high volume. Cherry #714RP150MC Ebony #714RP150ME $500 pair Sale price $400 pair Sale price valid 9/23/15 through 10/31/15. Learn more at crutchfield.com/RP150m 22 Have questions? Email us for answers advisors@crutchfield.com

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