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WIRELESS TURBOCHARGING Stream music without losing quality B luetooth rocks. Wireless streaming is such an easy way to listen to whatever you want in the car. But it hasn't always sounded the best. Luckily, new receivers from brands like Kenwood work with aptX , which lets you have convenience and get great sound. Rearranging, not hacking and slashing Think of a Bluetooth connection as a pipe. As this pipe is only so big, only so much stuff will fit in it. When you stream music, it gets compressed, which means that some musical info gets yanked out. But if your stereo and your phone feature aptX, you're in for a treat. Instead of removing lots of info, aptX reorganizes your files at one end so that they'll fit in the pipe, then sends them to the receiver. There, aptX decodes the rearranged files and restores them to full bandwidth. The result: better-sounding music. aptX currently works with lots of Android phones. But you iPhone owners need not worry - many receivers, like the Kenwood models on the next page, offer improved wireless sound for you, too. More bits = better sound The key to aptX is the relationship between compression and bit- rate. aptX lets you enjoy a much higher bitrate by compressing files five times less than normal. That means fuller tone, robust dynamics, and sound quality that's satisfyingly close to CD. Type Codec Compression ratio Bitrate Normal SBC 1/20 70.5bps aptX 1/4 352.8bps Bluetooth Streaming 6 Install your gear yourself and save. See how we help at crutchfield.com/carDIY

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