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THE SMARTER REVITALIZE YOUR MUSIC WITH JBL AND CLARI-FI T hanks to MP3s, satellite radio, and Internet music services, we fet to hear whatever we want whenever we want. The problem? These compressed formats strip away the lush details, dynamics, and depth that stir the emotions. Luckily, JBLs newest amps have the fix for this digital dilemma. Real-time restoration New JBL GTR amps feature Clari-Fi music restoration technology. It works by analyzing what's playing in real time, figuring out what's missing, and intelligently filling it in. That means you get clearer highs, deeper lows, natural vocals, and a radical reduction of distortion and other nasty effects of compression. In other words, fuller, richer, better sound. Bluetooth streaming, too Another sweet perk of GTR amps: built-in Bluetooth, which allows for direct music streaming, hands-free calling, and Party Mode, which lets you connect three devices simultaneously for a fun musical round -robin. A handy wired remote lets you manage Clari-Fi and Bluetooth. You can choose from 2-, 4-, and 5-channel GTR models with Clari-Fi. Prices range from $399.99 $549.99 See our full selection of JBL GTR amps with Clari-Fi at crutchfield.com/GTRamp 8 Free tech support on everything you buy from us. See cruthfield.com/tech

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