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PORTABLE SPEAKERS WIRELESS JOIN THE REVOLUT ON: I f you want a simple way to play music anywhere - and with good sound - a portable Bluetooth speaker is tough to beat. Stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet on the porch, at a tailgate party, on the beach - just about anywhere. And portable Bluetooth speakers come with a wide variety of options. Whether you're looking for something that's ultra-portable, delivers big sound, or is totally waterproof, there's a Bluetooth speaker that's right for you! Small size, super sound You can easily rest the compact Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker II in the palm of your hand. Yet it delivers full sound and dramatically deeper lows than you might expect. Battery life of up to 10 hours. Available in carbon and pearl (shown). Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker II #018SLKMN2P $199.99 Big sound in the round Pump out killer 360 sound with the powerful UE MEGABOOM. This brawny waterproof speaker can take a dunking and still keep playing, so it's ideal for playing on the beach or just chilling by the pool. Battery life of up to 20 hours. Available in black, blue, red, and plum. UE MEGABOOM #596UEMGBML $299.99 BY RALPH GRAVES Win a free s peaker We're giving away all of these speakers! Visit to enter the drawing.* *We're giving away one of each of these 4 Bluetooth speakers weekly for 4 weeks, 16 speakers in all. Contest rules and entry form at: Contest runs 9/19/16 through 10/17/16. COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT Small enough to slip into a coat pocket, purse, or bag; light enough not to weight you down. SMARTPHONE CHARGER Use the speaker's battery to recharge your smart- phone, smartwatch, and in some cases, your tablet. WEATHER PROOF Sealed to protect against moisture, sand, and snow. Some speakers can even float. BIG OUTDOOR SOUND The larger speakers have more power to fill a large open space with sound. BLUETOOTH TO GO TAKE YOUR MUSIC ANYWHERE FEATURES TO LOOK FOR 10 Need a hand deciding? 1-800-555-9507

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