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Power to s pare, anywhere Keep your smartphone recharged so the music can keep playing with the JBL Charge 3. This rugged speaker's completely waterproof. Sand, surf, or snow won't affect it - or the Charge 3's ability to crank out your tunes with rich sound. Battery life of up to 20 hours. Available in teal (shown), black, gray, blue, and red. JBL Charge 3 #109CHRGE3R $149.99 Retro look, rockin' sound The Marshall Kilburn portable Bluetooth speaker doesn't just look like a legendary Marshall guitar amp- it's designed to play loud and strong like one. Battery life of up to 20 hours. Available in black and cream. Marshall Kilburn #972KLBURNB $249.99 It's a rare weekend that Ralph Graves hasn't borrowed yet another Bluetooth speaker from work to "try out." Ella Crutchfield Donations Coordinator NATURAL SOUND I like to stream wildlife sounds (like birds and forest sounds) to the Bluetooth speaker in my room. It helps me relax and even doze o from time to time. I got a portable Bluetooth speaker for my kayaking roommate. He loves it because the speakers completely waterproof, it Soats, and sounds outstanding! a helping hand As our donations coordinator, Ella helps us stay involved in our Central Virginia community by giving to various local organizations throughout the year. Bluetooth has changed how people listen to music. To see more Bluetooth products and other wireless options, visit 11

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