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Super versatile speakers The Klipsch R-15PM speakers offer digital and analog wired connections, along with Bluetooth for wireless music from your phone. The inputs and power are all in the right speaker - just run the included cable to the left speaker. Klipsch Reference R-15PM powered bookshelf speakers #714R15PM $499.99 pair Stereo s peaker s Yes, they look like typical bookshelf speakers. But something's missing...the amp. Actually, it's built into these Klipsch speakers, along with Bluetooth and lots of wired inputs for other sources like turntables, disc players, and even TVs. Stereo powered speakers with Bluetooth are perfect for listeners who want that big stereo image from a traditional stereo. But with no need for a separate amp or receiver, these speakers are space- and cost-efficient. Perfect for an apartment or bedroom. TOP TIP David Brown is a Home A/V Editor for CrutchReld and is increasingly reliant on Bluetooth for his Rll of Wilco. Wireless technology is changing how people think about and shop for speakers. Learn more at ral ph - crutchfield writer TONS OF LISTENING CHOICES I love the huge amount of music I can stream wirelessly to my system. I've got a library of over 37,000 selections. And they all sound great. My wife streams audio books from her tablet so she can move between the open family room and kitchen and follow every word. Plus, we listen to internet radio stations from around the world. Get the inside scoop Writers like Ralph get to try out lots of the gear we sell. That's what makes our print and online product descriptions much more than just a list of features and specs. What do we mean by wireless? These speakers have Bluetooth, so you can play music wirelessly from devices like smartphones. But you'll need to plug them in for power. 13

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