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Jon Paulette is a veteran motorsports journalist and automotive copywriter who's fully embraced wireless technology. PRO TIP #3 PRO TIP #4 Embrace the hands-free future! Check out these and more automotive Bluetooth solutions at marshall veteran crutchfield advisor IT S ALL ABOUT THE VARIETY For me, wireless technology means getting to listen to anything I want to, any time. I use Bluetooth in the car to stream SiriusXM Satellite Radio (using their smartphone app, which features lots of extra channels not available with over-the-air SiriusXM), various podcasts, and lots of other stu. Find what fits your car Use OutRt My Car SM to Rnd the stereos and vehicle- speciRc products that work in your car. See whatRts An amp with extras Just because replacing the radio is impossible (some newer cars) or inadvisable (some vintage cars), doesn't mean you can't stream music, make calls, and enjoy great sound. This 5-channel JBL amplifier gives your speakers and sub the power they crave, and features built-in Bluetooth to communicate directly with your phone - no in-dash stereo required. JBL GTR-7535 5-channel amplifier #109GTR7535 $549.99 PRO TIP: Streaming compressed music from smart devices is mostly great, but can often leave your tunes sounding a bit pinched. JBL's Clari-Fi sound restoration technology, built into this GTR amp, restores a lot of what's lost in compression, so you get a richer, more satisfying sound. PRO TIP: If you're building an audio system in stages, start with a receiver like this one that offers two sets of preamp outputs for amps. When it's time to add a sub, switch the rear set to subwoofer mode and control your bass from the receiver. The heart of an awesome audio system Installing a new receiver is the most popular way to add Bluetooth. This JVC digital media receiver gives you hands-free convenience and impressive sound-shaping tools - all at a great price. It works with Apple and Android phones, gives you app-based playlist con trol, and even talks to Siri. You can also connect a SiriusXM satellite radio tuner (sold separately). JVC KD-X330BTS digital media receiver #105KDX330B $89.99 Sale $84.99 17

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