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Putting the gear to the test Hands-on By David Delamere When we set up listening demos, we invite everyone in our headquarters to stop by and check out what we're up to - from sales advisors and tech support to IT and human resources. We get feedback from as many folks as possible, and we'll even pass it on to manufacturers from time to time. Our hands-on experience sets us apart from our competitors. Yep, we can't get enough of this stuff. One of the great things about working at Crutchfield is getting to play with the gear we sell. So when I'm not writing about products, I grab my friend Travis, one of our graphic designers, and we set up gear for folks in our HQ to check out. It's truly a blast. Plus, it gives us a chance to see and hear products in action - and answer some questions. 18 Chat live with one of our experts at

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