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Gym headphones that stay Rt Good workout headphones should be heard, but barely felt. The super-comfortable Bose SoundSport wireless have some of the softest ear tips I've ever worn. They also delivered up-tempo tunes with motivating energy, and stayed in place as I powered through cardio. Available in aqua and black. Bose SoundSport wireless #018SSWRLSB $149 Stylish on-the-go 'buds Bang & Olufsen built the BeoPlay H5 headphones to handle life on the move. They feel really well put together and have a rugged cord. The earpieces are also magnetic to wear securely around your neck when not listening. And they're easy on the eyes - especially when light catches those reflective aluminum shields. Available in black and dusty rose. B&O PLAY BeoPlay H5 #906H5BLK $249.99 Je Miller listens to headphones for a living, and checks his Spotify Discovery every Monday for something new. Ka y crutchfield advisor CUTTING THE CORD I LOVE my Bluetooth headphones. Wired headphones have been a hassle for me ever since the days of the Walkman. The wires would often get tangled and damaged. I wear my wireless headphones kayaking in a nearby lake. I can store my phone somewhere dry, put in my Bluetooth earbuds, and play EDM or classic rock as I paddle. Get the inside scoop from us We try out lots of headphones and other products, and get expert training from the folks who make them. Check out for detailed info on the products we sell. Bluetooth headphones are just one way to listen wirelessly with your smartphone. Discover more at 21

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