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WIRELESS JOIN THE REVOLUT ON: MULTI - ZONE RECEIVERS W e're all getting addicted to the convenience of wireless music streaming. Yamaha's latest home theater receivers make that experience shine. They're armed with Wi-Fi , Bluetooth , and a compressed music enhancer that brings your MP3s and online playlists to life. But what makes this receiver truly special is MusicCast - Yamaha's wireless multi-room audio system. MusicCast makes all of your digital audio content available throughout your home. These receivers can beam multiple high-quality music streams wirelessly to compatible speakers. MusicCast can also stream audio from any wired source connected to the receiver - like a TV or disc player - to a MusicCast speaker in any room. Play Pandora on the patio, FLAC files in the kitchen, and the ballgame audio in the rec room. Oh, and of course this receiver will work wonders with your surround sound system in your TV room or home theater. The brains of the system In addition to MusicCast and streaming audio, the RX-A660 offers plenty of power for your main room's speakers as well as connections for lots of sources - from cable boxes to CD and Blu-ray players. And the audio from those sources all becomes instantly available to the whole house via MusicCast. Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A660 #022RXA660 $549.99 Learn more about MusicCast at BY ERIC ANGEVINE MUSIC EVERYWHERE WI TH YAMAHA MUSICCAS T 22 Get advice from one of our experts 1-800-555-9507

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