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Make sure your modem and router are powerful enough to stream glitch-free sound. Read more at Eric Angevine enjoys sharing his musical selections with house guests, whether they want to hear them or not. Bluetooth in every room You're probably used to streaming sound directly from your phone to your receiver. Yamaha has taken that idea one step further. You can now send Bluetooth audio on to any MusicCast speaker via Wi-Fi. MusicCast gives you the best of both worlds: the convenience of Bluetooth, paired with the strength and clarity of your home Wi-Fi network. MusicCast A p p Managing all of those zones might sound complicated, but it's not. We've been impressed with the usability of the free MusicCast app. It offers access to all of your music sources via an intuitive interface with lots of EQ options. And you control it all with the phone in your hand. You can literally see what's playing in each room, and make changes with a few taps of the screen. A zone of your own Want to throw a dance party in the basement? Or croon a tune in the tub? Each MusicCast speaker can play music from the receiver over Wi-Fi , so you can listen to the same thing everywhere, or create your own little bubble of serenity in a noisy house. These speakers also have Bluetooth on board for direct streaming from your phone. Available in black or white. Yamaha WX-030WH #022WX030WH $249.99 MORE ZONES FOR A HAPPY HOME In the past, I spent hours drilling holes and snaking wires to get music into every room of my house. Wireless speakers are such a clean, fast, easy installation. Now, I can rock out in my office, while my wife is listening to public radio, and my daughter is enjoying her own music. Each of us can have our own zone when we need it. Everybodys happy! Chris topher - Senior Web Designer Free , fast shipping You get free shipping on everything in this catalog including the chunky receiver shown here. Visit shipping . 23

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