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See more options at Je Miller retroRtted his living room system with Bluetooth so his 4-year-old can dance to her Disney playlists. BY JEFF MILLER ADD WIRELESS Free lifetime tech support Got your wireless signals crossed? Call us for help whether it's the day you receive your order or 10 years later. See to learn more. BLUETOOTH ADAPTERS WIRELESS JOIN THE REVOLUT ON: Quick, simple setup You'll only need one wire to connect the adapter to your A/V receiver. From there, you can enjoy wireless tunes from your phone. (You'll also need to plug the adapter into an AC outlet.) L ove the timeless sound of your classic amp or receiver, but want a more modern, convenient way to listen? A Bluetooth adapter lets you play music wirelessly from your phone or tablet through your current stereo. But these compact, easy-to- use devices go beyond simple lifehack." Advanced internal circuitry and a reliable wireless signal elevate them to high- end audio components. Wireless music without compromise The Harman Kardon BTA 10 connects to any stereo with a minijack or stereo RCA input - and the cable you need is included. This adapter uses Harman's TrueStream technology to preserve sound quality. Harman Kardon BTA 10 #532BTA10 $59.99 Bluetooth range up to 100 feet Customers and professional reviewers agree: the Audioengine B1 fits naturally into any serious music system. A powerful antenna offers up to 100 feet of wireless range while aptX and a 24-bit DAC deliver true-to-recording sonics. Analog and digital outputs offer two ways to get connected. Audioengine B1 #772B1ADPT $189.99 Sale 149.99 Offer valid 9/19 - 10/31/16 TO YOUR HOME S TEREO 26 Have questions? Email us for answers:

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