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WHAT FITS MY CAR? 3 CRUCIAL SPEAKER SPECS W e take car speaker dimensions seriously at CrutchReld because we want your DIY installation to go as painlessly as possible. Why are these details so important? Just like when shoes in your size aren't a perfect Rt, you may Rnd that a 6" car speaker, for example, won't Rt your car's 6" factory opening. However, by accounting for three key specs we make sure you get the right-sized speakers. Every year, Ben and Wayne of our Vehicle Research Team measure the speaker openings (and much more) of hundreds of vehicles. Meanwhile, our Product Research Team takes their own measurements of every speaker we carry. We crunch all that data so we can recommend gear with total assurance. We even make those specs available online so you can see why a particular model will or won't Rt your car. Find out more at We know which speakers Rt your vehicle. Find out at 28 Free installation gear with most car speaker orders. See

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