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Mounting height If we continue the aforementioned comparison, the tip of the iceberg can't be ignored. For our purposes, that's the tweeter in a full-range speaker, and it often extends away from the woofer cone a significant distance. We call that "tweeter protrusion," and it can easily foil your installation plans. If you want to use your factory speaker grilles, which most people do, you don't want the tweeter to press against (or come close to) the speaker grille when you reinstall your door panels. That'll result in speaker damage and worse-than-factory sound. *cringe* Mounting depth Like an iceberg, most of the average car speaker hides beneath the surface. A quality aftermarket speaker features essential parts underneath the woofer cone, all contained in a rigid basket, as well as a sizeable magnet. In order for a speaker to be installed in your vehicle's factory location, flush with the door, the bulk of the "iceberg" needs to fit in the cavity where your factory speaker once was. That's not always the most plentiful space, especially in smaller cars that need to allow for something essential like say... room for your window to roll all the way down. Cutout diameter When perusing our site, you may notice that we call a certain speaker 6 " when the speaker manufacturer calls it 6 " . Because fit is our bottom line, we use what auto manu facturers (not speaker manu facturers) call their factory locations as our standard. We want to make sure that a speaker's cutout diameter (where the "iceberg" is its widest beneath the water) will fit the factory speaker cutout hole. Since auto manu- facturers call a cutout hole that is between 5.2" and 5.7" in diameter a fit for a 6 " speaker, we call a speaker with a cutout diameter in that range a 6 " as well. Alexander Hrabe writes about car speakers for CrutchReld and works closely with the Product Research team for accuracy. 2 3 1 Speakers designed with Rt in mind JBL is a name synonymous with some of the finest moments in music history, so they're a natural choice to handle the finest tunes in your car. And with their Club Series, they've taken a big leap forward in the fit department. JBL consulted with us on our standards for vehicle compat ibility to ensure that the Club Series fits more vehicles than ever. With a JBL Club speaker system in your car door, you'll gain a more substantial low end thanks to a responsive, polypropylene Plus One woofer. The edge-driven PEI tweeter delivers smoother highs than you've heard with your factory speakers. Power these speakers with a factory radio, an aftermarket radio, or an amp, and you'll hear a startling improvement in your system. JBL Club Series car speakers Prices range from $69.99 - $199.99 29

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