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Ready for the REALLY big picture? Lots of Crutchfield customers have made the leap to a projector system. They love how it can transform a room into a raucous stadium or hushed theater (and the popcorn and sodas are reasonably priced). Before you buy, consider our tips on the right side of this page. Or call us for personalized help. Read our projector buying guide at Big projector value If you want to go big on a budget, this 1080p projector is an excellent pick. The picture is truly epic. You'll feel like you got your whole crew front-row seats. Sony VPL-HW65ES 1080p projector #158HW65ES $3999.99 What about the screen? Screens run the gamut, from portable pull-down models to backlit, high-tech fixed screens for a dedicated theater room. We have a full selection to choose from. Here are a couple of top choices. Screen Innovations 1 Series 133" fixed- frame projection screen (for 1080p) #9541F133GW $855 Screen Innovations 5 Series 133" fixed- frame projection screen with Zero Edge frame and LED backlight (for spectacular 4K) #9545133PWL $3465 For a great projector experience... Projectors aren't as bright as TVs, so a room with lots of windows and natural light isn't ideal . Plus, light washes out projected images and makes your eyes get tired faster. If you decide on a projector for a room that's not very dark, we suggest a screen with high "gain." That means the screen reSects more light for a brighter picture. You'll want at least one other TV for casual viewing. Firing up the full projector rig to watch the news may be overkill. We highly recommend a full surround sound system to go with a projector - a sound bar isn't a great Rt for really big screens. Eric is a former sportswriter whose dimensions are 73" x 22". He likes his viewing experiences to be larger than life. 133" screen Overall dimensions: 116"W x 65"H 31

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