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Powerful Atmos sound from a single bar We got to demo Yamaha's Atmos sound bar and were impressed by its ability to fill a room with lifelike sound. This sound bar boasts an impressive 44 built-in speakers, including 12 up-firing beam drivers to reflect sound off the ceiling and down to your couch. Yamaha YSP-5600 #022YSP5600 $1599.99 W e hear a lot from customers who are curious about how Dolby Atmos works and want to know more about setting up an Atmos system. Fortunately, there are an expanding number of options out there. Here's what we're telling customers. Choose your ideal Dolby Atmos setup Originally developed to fill movie theaters with gripping, dynamic sound, Dolby Atmos is quickly finding its way into home theaters. Atmos sound is "object- based," meaning effects are placed accurately in your listening space to envelop you in realistic, three-dimensional surround sound. To get Atmos at home, you need a Blu-ray player and Atmos encoded discs turn the page for a list of titles. What about audio? When Dolby first introduced Atmos two years ago, you needed a home theater receiver and separate speakers. That setup still offers the best Atmos experience (check it out on the next page). But if you're looking for something a little more streamlined, take a look at the Atmos capable sound bars below. BY DEIA Z. SOUND BARS A SIMPLE, SPACE-SAVING ATMOS SYSTEM Dolby Atmos sound bars are here Love immersive home theater sound but don't have the space or the inclination to set up a full surround sound system? Dolby Atmos sound bars are a great way to enjoy enveloping Atmos sound. They're easy to set up, with fewer wires to fuss with. Plus, with no need for a separate receiver, they don't take up much space in your living room. Smart design, cinematic performance Dolby Atmos sound bars use special processing so effects seem to come from all around the room. Atmos sound bars even direct sound upward to reflect off the ceiling - a key feature of any Atmos system which helps them achieve uniquely immersive sound. The Samsung HW-K950 sound bar system has four upward-Rring drivers that reSect sound o the ceiling for overhead Atmos eects. See more details at om/AtmosSoundbars 1 A unique Atmos system with wireless surround speakers We're excited to offer this innovative four-piece sound bar system from Samsung. The bar's 11 drivers include two up-firing drivers for Atmos height effects. Two wireless speakers with front- and up-firing drivers deliver realistic surround effects. A wireless subwoofer rounds out the sound with thrilling low-end impact. Samsung HW-K950 #305HWK950 $1499.99 33

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