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Whether you're a serious home theater enthusiast or just a big fan of movies, a Dolby Atmos system is hard to resist after you've heard it. With Atmos, sounds are more accurately placed in your listening space. For example, if you're watching a storm scene, you'll hear the rain not just around you, but right over your head. By now, we've seen quite a few Atmos demos, and we always enjoy them - and it's not just about the "height" channels. The overall sound is more accurate and engaging. It really goes one step further toward putting you in the movie. Get the right gear There are a couple of ways to set up an Atmos system in your home. First, you'll need a receiver capable of decoding Atmos soundtracks. Then, you'll need speakers capable of reproducing the overhead effects (in addition to a conventional surround speaker system). You can use any in-ceiling speakers, or you can use specialized speakers like the ones shown here, with up-firing drivers that reflect sound off your ceiling. Receivers with Dolby Atmos capability like the ones here have power for seven channels. In an Atmos system, they'll power a standard 5.1-channel surround system, plus two overhead or up-firing speakers - known as a 5.1.2 Atmos system. Blu-ray discs are the optimal way to enjoy Dolby Atmos at home. There are lots of titles available now (see the next page). Plus, all Atmos capable receivers offer upconversion for Blu-ray discs without an Atmos soundtrack. A slimmed down Atmos receiver This receiver delivers out- standing sound and can fit into a tight space in your stand or cabinet. Marantz NR1607 #642NR1607 $699.99 Dolby Atmos, 4K, and more Dolby Atmos, advanced video processing, and wireless connectivity combine to bring you a thrilling home theater experience. Denon AVR-X3300W #033AVX3300 $999.99 Treat yourself to better sound all-around See more details at A Dolby Atmos home theater system can have as many as four up-Rring speakers to reSect sound o the ceiling for the most immersive sound ever. The Denon AVR-X3300W receiver ($999.99), Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-280FA Soor-standing speakers ($799.99 each), and the Klipsch RP-450CA center channel speaker ($599.99 special purchase pricing). SAVE $800 PER PAIR DOLBY ATMOS SEPARATES THE MOST REALISTIC HOME THEATER EXPERIENCE 2 34 60-day return policy. See

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