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THE BEST WAYS TO LISTEN TO BY ALEXANDER HRABE W ith 30 million Premium subscribers (including a whole bunch of us at CrutchReld!), Spotify is changing the way people listen to music. A quick search on your phone, and almost any song you want is yours to enjoy and share with friends. But while Spotify puts one of the largest music libraries in the world at your Rngertips, listening over a lousy phone speaker or free earbuds can suck the fun out of music. Never fear - we can show you how to enhance the Spotify experience anytime, anywhere. CRUTCHFIELD'S PLAYLISTS What songs do our audio experts and music lovers recommend? Check out our CrutchReld playlists on Spotify. Visit PRO TIP Spotify's social features are unparalleled. See what your friends like and build group playlists, follow artists for updates, and share your favorites with the world on the social app of your choice. ESSENTIAL GEAR FOR SUBSCRIBERS 38 Free lifetime tech support on everything you buy from us. See

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