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We posted four complete systems that fit Steven's Civic onto Crutchfield's Facebook page and let the readers pick which one he should put in his car. CROWD PLEASER: OUR READERS PICK A SOUND SYSTEM Crutchfield Seriously into audio since 1974 Our system strategy y Always about the audio Since joining Crutchfield in 1997, I've been fortunate enough to translate my passion for home and car audio into a career. After selling products for 16 years, I now get the chance to write about them. David Delamere Longtime advisor turned Crutchfield writer ABOUT THE AUTHOR Steven A Car enthusiast/mechanic ABOUT THE PROJECT Like us online Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Pinterest Check out each system at Needed a major sound upgrade Steven, a local car club member, upgraded the look of his 2012 Honda Civic Si using a carbon fiber hood, an aftermarket air intake, and new rims. Now he was ready for a new sound system to make his Civic a car show standout. That's where our social media followers came in. 38 Get advice from one of our experts 1-800-217-1059

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