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PRO TIP Before you hit the road or go for a jog, use Wi-Fi to download favorite albums or playlists to your phone so you don't use any data. You'll use up a bit of storage space, but Spotify makes music files easy to manage. IN THE CAR Music colors every experience. That's why Spotify curates playlists for your life in the car, transforming your ride from ho-hum to awesome. But the question we get all the time is, "How do I listen to Spotify over my car's sound system?" Answer: It's all about your stereo. You'll find some of your best options for Spotify integration in Pioneer car stereos. Many of their 2" and 4" tall models give you the play/pause and track-skipping control you'd expect. But with a wired connection on an iPhone or a Bluetooth connection on Android phones, you'll also be able to browse albums and playlists. With stereos featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, like the touchscreen Pioneer receiver below, you'll gain the best versions of in-dash Spotify. Using these touch screen interfaces, you get a similar experience to Spotify on your phone, with larger buttons and text to make things much easier to use in the car. If you're a huge Spotify fan with a compatible dash, this is the way to rock. C A. If a 2" stereo is the only thing that fits your dash, this Pioneer digital media receiver is a great choice to play Spotify. Pioneer MVH-X580BS #130X580BS $99.99 B. An alternative to touchscreens, this Pioneer CD receiver gives you Spotify control and a large volume knob to crank your tunes. Pioneer FH-X731BT #130X731BT $139.99 C. With onboard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, this Pioneer DVD receiver elevates your Spotify experience. Pioneer AVH-4200NEX #1304200NEX $699.99 A B 39

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