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AT HOME By now, we all know that the bummer of using your phone as a music player is that, sooner or later, you're bound to get one of those pesky things called a "phone call." It doesn't matter if you're entertaining or just taking it easy, waiting for an incoming call to go away or hearing a text ding in the middle of your favorite jam is akin to an old school record scratch. Well, with Spotify Connect in compatible home receivers, like the Onkyo pictured below, you'll enjoy great-sounding audio without interruption. Rather than stream music to your phone, you'll stream directly to the receiver via Wi-Fi (a great opportunity to use Spotify's Extreme sound quality setting). Then, your phone works as a remote control to access your full Spotify profile and manage your music, all while doing double-duty as an actual phone. While a receiver and speakers offer the best Spotify experience when it comes to sound quality at home, there are lots of other options. Sonos offers an easy way to add music to multiple rooms, as well as easy Spotify control (see above). PRO TIP Maximize your Spotify subscription by setting your music quality to Extreme (320 Kbps). You'll use more data if you're not on Wi-Fi, but you'll hear a more robust sound. PRO TIP Spotify has more than just music. Be sure to search for audiobooks, podcasts, and the latest comedy from your favorite stand-ups. If flexibility is what you need out of a home audio system, check out the Sonos PLAY:1. Compact and powerful, this impressive speaker is the perfect first step into the world of whole-house wireless audio. Add one to every room or expand your system with more Sonos gear. Sonos PLAY:1 #616PLAY1B $199 This 7-channel home theater hub gives you everything you need to make the most of your movies and your music, including Spotify Connect and Wi-Fi. Onkyo TX-RZ800 home theater receiver #580RZ800 $1099.99 Special purchase $649.99 SPOTIFY IN EVERY ROOM THANKS TO SONOS To say that Crutchfield employee Eric enjoys Spotify on Sonos is putting it lightly. With his kitchen, living room, den, master bedroom, and two outdoor spaces Sonos-equipped, Spotify sounds great no matter where he is in the house: "Anytime my wife and I cook Italian, I play Dean Martin in the living room and stream it to the PLAY:1 in the kitchen." SAVE $450 40 Free shipping on everything in this catalog

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