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ON THE GO PRO TIP Already have a large (and rare) music library? Create a Spotify playlist on your computer using your old, beloved songs and then sync with your phone. IN THE ZONE What better time for tunes than a workout? With a pair of sport headphones, you'll be free to lose yourself in the moment. Whether Bluetooth-equipped or wired, these tiny headphones are built for comfort and durability, as well as great sound quality. Get in the zone by selecting a Spotify workout playlist. If you choose one of Spotify's many Running playlists, the app will even measure your cadence while in motion, then match it with music of a similar tempo. Talk about motivation... Run with Bose StayHear tips ensure a reliable fit so you can enjoy the phenomenal sound quality you'd expect from Bose. Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones #018SSiEiB $129.99 Price break $99.99 CHECK OUT OUR HEADPHONE PLAYLIST Listening on headphones is a truly unique audio experience. Check out our top tracks for total musical immersion. A durable, loud Bluetooth speaker is perfect for taking your tunes with you - throw it in a bag if you're going camping, heading to the beach, or just hanging by the pool. Some speakers, like the one shown here, are even waterproof, so they're ideal for taking outside. Take-it-easy time is also prime music discovery time with Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist. After studying your tastes, Spotify offers you a custom ized playlist every Monday. Visit SAVE $20 The Nyne Aqua portable speaker offers sound far bigger and better than your phone's built-in speaker. Plus, it's waterproof and even floats. Nyne Aqua Bluetooth speaker #925AQUAGRY $99.99 Sale $79.99 Sale price good 9/18/16 - 10/31/16 41

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