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KENWOOD EXCELON DDX9903S DVD RECEIVER EMPLOYEE REVIEW BY BRIT, CRUTCHFIELD ADVISOR ONE DOGGONE GOOD RECEIVER DISCOVERING HD RADIO While I primarily stream music from my phone via Bluetooth , it's also very simple to switch to a new source right from the home screen. That's where I discovered HD Radio. Instead of settling for the limited radio options my factory stereo offered, I've actually found myself tuning into some of the HD Radio broadcasts available around here in Charlottesville, VA (Crutchfield's home base). I've found a few new artists and songs this way, and the higher fidelity makes all the difference. GETTING TO KNOW KENWOOD'S FLAGSHIP DVD RECEIVER I love to relax in my truck during my lunch breaks here at Crutchfield - it's the perfect time to wind down and listen to some tunes. The DDX9903S's user- friendliness really helped me settle into my routine. It's so easy to switch sources, play with the EQ, and adjust settings with its large icons and simple layout. Also, my factory radio did not have an amplifier or any upgraded audio components, and my speakers sounded muddled and dull. With the DDX9903S, my truck's system has come alive with clarity and volume. And even though I'm not an Android owner, I appreciate that this receiver gives me the option of integrating both major smartphone platforms, so I'm not limited in my choice of stereo by what kind of phone I have. W hen I used to get into my 2004 Chevy Colorado, I was reluctant to even turn the stereo on. I'm a music lover, but the radio and CDs just weren't cutting it any more. Plus, the factory system's sound left a lot to be desired. I have an extensive music library (everything from bluegrass to '90s hip hop) on my iPhone 5S, as well as subscriptions to a bunch of streaming services, but these modern conveniences were lost in my truck, which made life on the go (with my dogs, of course) pretty boring. Luckily, getting a chance to road-test the Kenwood Excelon DDX9903S DVD receiver has renewed my love for my little Chevy. for road 42 Get deep discounts on installation gear with most car stereo orders. See

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