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APPLE CARPLAY DELIVERS I love having my iPhone interface right on the radio through Apple CarPlay connectivity. It's a snap to dictate texts, make phone calls, and even browse through my music. I've always had to stream Pandora over Bluetooth , but now the app is right on my radio. I can click on the app, pick my station, and load it almost immediately. I love having the Maps easily accessible and onscreen. I took my chocolate lab Colbie to a new hiking spot recently. It was so easy to just put the address into Maps and connect through Apple CarPlay. I felt safer following the directions on the Kenwood 6.95" display than just on the phone's screen. BETTER WITH BLUETOOTH I couldn't believe how quickly the Bluetooth initially paired up with my iPhone. Now it's so nice to connect automatically as soon as I get into my truck. I have factory Bluetooth in another car, and have been less than thrilled with its call quality. But with this Kenwood receiver, when I called my boyfriend he didn't realize that I was talking over Bluetooth because it sounded so clear. THE KENWOOD EXCELON DDX9903S IN BRIEF Kenwoods top-of-the-line DVD receiver brings together media control and phone integration through its 6.95" display. It boasts Apple CarPlay and Android Auto com- patibility, plus the ability to mirror the screens of select Android phones. For radio and streaming fans, it oers a built-in HD Radio tuner and convenient access to Pandora and iHeartRadio accounts, plus command of optional satellite radio. Lossless enthu- siasts can enjoy playback of high-resolution WAV and FLAC Rles. Kenwood rounds everything out with a 13-band graphic EQ and a 2-year warranty. Kenwood Excelon DDX9903S DVD receiver #113DDX9903 $799.99 Get to know Brit at This Kenwood has breathed new life into my older truck." Brit, CrutchReld Advisor and companion to Colbie (who took advantage of this photo op to escape from her usual spot in the back seat) 43

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